Entry #3


2016-07-19 11:06:40 by mikukene

Newgrounds is a shitty place where your posts get taken down, the reviews consist of 2 words and you have fans that arent actually fans. Fare well, newgrounds!


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2016-07-19 11:17:34

That's it Newgrounds. A thirteen year old with three doodles has came to the conclusion that, after five months, it's not for him.

I think it's time to close the doors.


2016-07-19 11:26:01

Seriously homie?
Your posts get taken down because they break the rules, your fans aren't there to suck your dick whenever you post something, reviews don't consist of 2 words.
And most importantly, no one gives a shit about you leaving since you haven't even contributed in something useful to this site.
Go play outside kiddy.


2016-07-19 11:26:02

We're gonna miss you.
Or not.


2016-07-19 11:27:28

Probably not lmao.


2016-07-25 18:49:38

I'll miss you Mikukene. I liked your art. And I don't understand why you guys are so mean to him leaving. I bet that's WHY he left...